The In2Books Classroom Program

In2Books is a Common Core State Standards, evidence-based eMentoring program. In2Books fosters reading, writing and critical-thinking skills across the curriculum. Our curricula have been shown to significantly improve students' literacy skills and love of learning. In2Books promotes literacy across the curriculum by matching students with adult pen pals who read the same books and correspond online about the important issues in the books. The books are carefully selected to align with literacy, social studies and science standards. This learning experience is reinforced in the classroom with the study of the applicable genre, in-depth discussion and carefully designed curricula. In2Books has been used successfully in 3rd-6th grade classrooms with basal curricula and with less-structured learning environments. Evidence-based, it supports, augments and extends almost any literacy curriculum. Through In2Books:
  • Students select and read age-appropriate, high-quality books carefully selected by a team of children's literature experts.
  • Students are matched with adult eMentors called pen pals who read the same books as the students.
  • Students engage in an ongoing, dynamic online conversations about the important issues in the books.
  • Teachers access online professional development and practical teacher-tested learning activities.
  • Teachers provide genre instruction and teach reading, writing and thinking skills appropriate to the genre. The yearlong In2Books curricula are called the Informed Reader Series and include: Realistic Fiction, Social Science, Biography, Folktales, and Science.